kukimbia scripts au mipango katika saraka

   Usage: run-parts [OPTION]... DIRECTORY
      --test          print script names which would run, but don't run them.
      --list          print names of all valid files (can not be used with
  -v, --verbose       print script names before running them.
      --report        print script names if they produce output.
      --reverse       reverse execution order of scripts.
      --exit-on-error exit as soon as a script returns with a non-zero exit
      --lsbsysinit    validate filenames based on LSB sysinit specs.
      --new-session   run each script in a separate process session
      --regex=PATTERN validate filenames based on POSIX ERE pattern PATTERN.
  -u, --umask=UMASK   sets umask to UMASK (octal), default is 022.
  -a, --arg=ARGUMENT  pass ARGUMENT to scripts, use once for each argument.
  -V, --version       output version information and exit.
  -h, --help          display this help and exit.