X terminal emulator

xterm is a terminal emulator for the X Window System. It provides DEC VT102 and Tektronix 4014 compatible terminals for programs that cannot use the window system directly. This version implements ISO/ANSI colors and most of the control sequences used by DEC VT220 terminals. . This package provides four commands: xterm, which is the traditional terminal emulator; uxterm, which is a wrapper around xterm that is intelligent about locale settings (especially those which use the UTF-8 character encoding), but which requires the luit program from the x11-utils package; koi8rxterm, a wrapper similar to uxterm for locales that use the KOI8-R character set; and lxterm, a simple wrapper that chooses which of the previous commands to execute based on the user's locale settings. . A complete list of control sequences supported by the X terminal emulator is provided in /usr/share/doc/xterm. . The xterm program uses bitmap images provided by the xbitmaps package. . Those interested in using koi8rxterm will likely want to install the xfonts-cyrillic package as well.
  • Toleo: 261-1ubuntu3
  • Usanifu: i386
  • Homepage: http://invisible-island.net/xterm/xterm.html
  • Shusha: pool/main/x/xterm/xterm_261-1ubuntu3_i386.deb
  • Maintainer: Ubuntu X-SWAT <ubuntu-x@lists.ubuntu.com>
  • Asili: Ubuntu
  • Kipaumbele: optional
  • Sehemuya: x11
  • Md5sum: 310e9711541ef00d59c3887de3e30a0c
  • SHA1: 2896f9a5da99fb856c889303dd69b9a63716cb38
  • Sha256: 6bdaf96ae5e593236732fe0a24da6f4755707cb5a0ffef986609aca5c0d0f92c
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  • Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug
  • Ubuntu: xterm





  • x-terminal-emulator
  • /etc/X11/app-defaults/KOI8RXTerm
  • /etc/X11/app-defaults/KOI8RXTerm-color
  • /etc/X11/app-defaults/UXTerm
  • /etc/X11/app-defaults/UXTerm-color
  • /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm
  • /etc/X11/app-defaults/XTerm-color
  • /usr/bin/koi8rxterm
  • /usr/bin/lxterm
  • /usr/bin/resize
  • /usr/bin/uxterm
  • /usr/bin/xterm
  • /usr/share/doc-base/xterm-ctlseqs
  • /usr/share/doc-base/xterm-faq
  • /usr/share/doc/xterm/NEWS.Debian.gz
  • /usr/share/doc/xterm/README.Debian
  • /usr/share/doc/xterm/README.i18n.gz
  • /usr/share/doc/xterm/changelog.Debian.gz
  • /usr/share/doc/xterm/copyright
  • /usr/share/doc/xterm/ctlseqs.ms.gz
  • /usr/share/doc/xterm/ctlseqs.txt.gz
  • /usr/share/doc/xterm/xterm.faq.gz
  • /usr/share/doc/xterm/xterm.faq.html
  • /usr/share/doc/xterm/xterm.log.html
  • /usr/share/doc/xterm/xterm.termcap.gz
  • /usr/share/doc/xterm/xterm.terminfo.gz
  • /usr/share/man/man1/koi8rxterm.1.gz
  • /usr/share/man/man1/lxterm.1.gz
  • /usr/share/man/man1/resize.1.gz
  • /usr/share/man/man1/uxterm.1.gz
  • /usr/share/man/man1/xterm.1.gz
  • /usr/share/menu/xterm
  • /usr/share/pixmaps/xterm-color_32x32.xpm
  • /usr/share/pixmaps/xterm-color_48x48.xpm
  • /usr/share/pixmaps/xterm_32x32.xpm
  • /usr/share/pixmaps/xterm_48x48.xpm