Debian mfuko archive mgawanyiko / kujiunga na chombo cha

   Usage: dpkg-split [<option> ...] <command>

  -s|--split <file> [<prefix>]     Split an archive.
  -j|--join <part> <part> ...      Join parts together.
  -I|--info <part> ...             Display info about a part.
  -a|--auto -o <complete> <part>   Auto-accumulate parts.
  -l|--listq                       List unmatched pieces.
  -d|--discard [<filename> ...]    Discard unmatched pieces.

  -h|--help                        Show this help message.
  --version                        Show the version.

  --depotdir <directory>           Use <directory> instead of /var/lib/dpkg/parts/.
  -S|--partsize <size>             In KiB, for -s (default is 450).
  -o|--output <file>               For -j (default is <package>-<version>.deb).
  -Q|--npquiet                     Be quiet when -a is not a part.
  --msdos                          Generate 8.3 filenames.

Exit status: 0 = OK;  1 = -a is not a part;  2 = trouble!