chombo query database dpkg

   Usage: dpkg-query [<option> ...] <command>

  -s|--status <package> ...        Display package status details.
  -p|--print-avail <package> ...   Display available version details.
  -L|--listfiles <package> ...     List files `owned' by package(s).
  -l|--list [<pattern> ...]        List packages concisely.
  -W|--show <pattern> ...          Show information on package(s).
  -S|--search <pattern> ...        Find package(s) owning file(s).
  -c|--control-path <package> [<file>]
                                   Print path for package control file.

  -h|--help                        Show this help message.
  --version                        Show the version.

  --admindir=<directory>           Use <directory> instead of /var/lib/dpkg.
  -f|--showformat=<format>         Use alternative format for --show.

Format syntax:
  A format is a string that will be output for each package. The format
  can include the standard escape sequences \n (newline), \r (carriage
  return) or \\ (plain backslash). Package information can be included
  by inserting variable references to package fields using the ${var[;width]}
  syntax. Fields will be right-aligned unless the width is negative in which
  case left alignment will be used.