frontend commandline kwa Module:: CoreList

        corelist -v
        corelist [-a|-d] <ModuleName> | /<ModuleRegex>/ [<ModuleVersion>] ...
        corelist [-v <PerlVersion>] [ <ModuleName> | /<ModuleRegex>/ ] ...

    -a  lists all versions of the given module (or the matching modules, in
        case you used a module regexp) in the perls Module::CoreList knows

            corelist -a utf8

            utf8 was first released with perl 5.006
              5.006      undef
              5.006001   undef
              5.006002   undef
              5.007003   1.00
              5.008      1.00
              5.008001   1.02
              5.008002   1.02
              5.008003   1.02
              5.008004   1.03
              5.008005   1.04
              5.008006   1.04
              5.008007   1.05
              5.008008   1.06
              5.009      1.02
              5.009001   1.02
              5.009002   1.04
              5.009003   1.06

    -d  finds the first perl version where a module has been released by
        date, and not by version number (as is the default).

    -? or -help
        help! help! help! to see more help, try --man.

        all of the help

    -v  lists all of the perl release versions we got the CoreList for.

        If you pass a version argument (value of $], like 5.00503 or
        5.008008), you get a list of all the modules and their respective
        versions. (If you have the "version" module, you can also use
        new-style version numbers, like 5.8.8.)

        In module filtering context, it can be used as Perl version filter.

    As a special case, if you specify the module name "Unicode", you'll get
    the version number of the Unicode Character Database bundled with the
    requested perl versions.