Shkarko WPA komandën e klientit

   wpa_cli [-p<path to ctrl sockets>] [-i<ifname>] [-hvB] [-a<action file>] \
        [-P<pid file>] [-g<global ctrl>] [-G<ping interval>]  [command..]
  -h = help (show this usage text)
  -v = shown version information
  -a = run in daemon mode executing the action file based on events from
  -B = run a daemon in the background
  default path: /var/run/wpa_supplicant
  default interface: first interface found in socket path
  status [verbose] = get current WPA/EAPOL/EAP status
  ping = pings wpa_supplicant
  mib = get MIB variables (dot1x, dot11)
  help = show this usage help
  interface [ifname] = show interfaces/select interface
  level <debug level> = change debug level
  license = show full wpa_cli license
  quit = exit wpa_cli
  set = set variables (shows list of variables when run without arguments)
  logon = IEEE 802.1X EAPOL state machine logon
  logoff = IEEE 802.1X EAPOL state machine logoff
  pmksa = show PMKSA cache
  reassociate = force reassociation
  preauthenticate <BSSID> = force preauthentication
  identity <network id> <identity> = configure identity for an SSID
  password <network id> <password> = configure password for an SSID
  new_password <network id> <password> = change password for an SSID
  pin <network id> <pin> = configure pin for an SSID
  otp <network id> <password> = configure one-time-password for an SSID
  passphrase <network id> <passphrase> = configure private key passphrase
    for an SSID
  bssid <network id> <BSSID> = set preferred BSSID for an SSID
  list_networks = list configured networks
  select_network <network id> = select a network (disable others)
  enable_network <network id> = enable a network
  disable_network <network id> = disable a network
  add_network = add a network
  remove_network <network id> = remove a network
  set_network <network id> <variable> <value> = set network variables (shows
    list of variables when run without arguments)
  get_network <network id> <variable> = get network variables
  save_config = save the current configuration
  disconnect = disconnect and wait for reassociate/reconnect command before
  reconnect = like reassociate, but only takes effect if already disconnected
  scan = request new BSS scan
  scan_results = get latest scan results
  bss <<idx> | <bssid>> = get detailed scan result info
  get_capability <eap/pairwise/group/key_mgmt/proto/auth_alg> = get capabilies
  reconfigure = force wpa_supplicant to re-read its configuration file
  terminate = terminate wpa_supplicant
  interface_add <ifname> <confname> <driver> <ctrl_interface> <driver_param>
    <bridge_name> = adds new interface, all parameters but <ifname>
    are optional
  interface_remove <ifname> = removes the interface
  interface_list = list available interfaces
  ap_scan <value> = set ap_scan parameter
  stkstart <addr> = request STK negotiation with <addr>
  ft_ds <addr> = request over-the-DS FT with <addr>
  wps_pbc [BSSID] = start Wi-Fi Protected Setup: Push Button Configuration
  wps_pin <BSSID> [PIN] = start WPS PIN method (returns PIN, if not hardcoded)
  wps_reg <BSSID> <AP PIN> = start WPS Registrar to configure an AP