të sjellë e sistemit poshtë

   Usage: shutdown [OPTION]... TIME [MESSAGE]
Bring the system down.

  -r                          reboot after shutdown
  -h                          halt or power off after shutdown
  -H                          halt after shutdown (implies -h)
  -P                          power off after shutdown (implies -h)
  -c                          cancel a running shutdown
  -k                          only send warnings, don't shutdown
  -q, --quiet                 reduce output to errors only
  -v, --verbose               increase output to include informational messages
      --help                  display this help and exit
      --version               output version information and exit

TIME may have different formats, the most common is simply the word 'now' which
will bring the system down immediately.  Other valid formats are +m, where m is
the number of minutes to wait until shutting down and hh:mm which specifies the
time on the 24hr clock.

Logged in users are warned by a message sent to their terminal, you may include
an optional MESSAGE included with this.  Messages can be sent without actually
bringing the system down by using the -k option.

If TIME is given, the command will remain in the foreground until the shutdown
occurs.  It can be cancelled by Control-C, or by another user using the -c

The system is brought down into maintenance (single-user) mode by default, you
can change this with either the -r or -h option which specify a reboot or
system halt respectively.  The -h option can be further modified with -H or -P
to specify whether to halt the system, or to power it off afterwards.  The
default is left up to the shutdown scripts.

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