ndryshimi arkitekturës raportuar në mjedisin e programit të ri dhe të vendosur flamujt e personalitetit

   Usage: setarch <arch> [options] [program [program arguments]]

 -h, --help               displays this help text
 -v, --verbose            says what options are being switched on
 -R, --addr-no-randomize  disables randomization of the virtual address space
 -F, --fdpic-funcptrs     makes function pointers point to descriptors
 -Z, --mmap-page-zero     turns on MMAP_PAGE_ZERO
 -L, --addr-compat-layout changes the way virtual memory is allocated
 -X, --read-implies-exec  turns on READ_IMPLIES_EXEC
 -B, --32bit              turns on ADDR_LIMIT_32BIT
 -I, --short-inode        turns on SHORT_INODE
 -S, --whole-seconds      turns on WHOLE_SECONDS
 -T, --sticky-timeouts    turns on STICKY_TIMEOUTS
 -3, --3gb                limits the used address space to a maximum of 3 GB
     --4gb                ignored (for backward compatibility only)

For more information see setarch(8).