network management framework (GLib shared library)

NetworkManager attempts to keep an active network connection available at all times. It is intended only for the desktop use-case, and is not intended for usage on servers. The point of NetworkManager is to make networking configuration and setup as painless and automatic as possible. If using DHCP, NetworkManager is _intended_ to replace default routes, obtain IP addresses from a DHCP server, and change nameservers whenever it sees fit. . This package provides the shared library that applications can use to query connection status via NetworkManager. . Homepage:
  • Version: 0.8.1+git.20100810t184654.ab580f4-0ubuntu2
  • Arkitekturë: i386
  • Shkarko: pool/main/n/network-manager/libnm-glib2_0.8.1+git.20100810t184654.ab580f4-0ubuntu2_i386.deb
  • Mirëmbajtësi: Ubuntu Core Dev Team <>
  • Origjinë: Ubuntu
  • Prioritet: optional
  • Seksion: libs
  • Md5sum: 6eb93a74f75067fb2d67714812e48196
  • SHA1: 082b2f390a60e60410595b0abe2bf5c03bdfe0c4
  • Sha256: 0b571de5b750bfcdc372302aa6f61764bedaa778934d41571b3797bb7170dacd
  • Madhësiae instaluar: 280
  • Madhësi: 66592
  • Burim: network-manager
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  • Detyrë: ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-uec-live, kubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-mobile, kubuntu-netbook, edubuntu-desktop, edubuntu-desktop-kde, edubuntu-uec-live, xubuntu-desktop, mythbuntu-backend-master, mythbuntu-backend-slave, mythbuntu-desktop, mythbuntu-frontend, ubuntu-netbook
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  • Ubuntu: libnm-glib2


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