Kthehet kodin Perl në një përshkrim XML të RPC:: XML:: Server

   make_method [ --options ]


--help        Generate this message.

--name        Specifies the external (published) name of the method.
--namespace   Specify an explicit namespace for the method to be created in
--type        Specify whether this defines a PROCEDURE, a METHOD or a
                FUNCTION (case-free)
--version     Gives the version that should be attached to the method.
--hidden      Takes no value; if passed, flags the method as hidden.
--signature   Specifies one method signature. May be specified more than once.
--helptext    Provides the help string.
--helpfile    Gives the name of a file from which the help-text is read.
--code        Gives the name of the file from which to read the code.
--output      Name of the file to write the resulting XML to.

--base        If passed, this is used as a base-name from which to derive all
              the other information. The file <base>.base must exist and be
              readable. That file will provide the information for the method,
              some of which may point to other files to be read. When done, the
              output is written to <base>.xpl.

              If --base is specified, all other options are ignored, and any
              missing information (such as no signatures, etc.) will cause an