pyetje dhe të vendosur orën hardware (RTC)

   hwclock - query and set the hardware clock (RTC)

Usage: hwclock [function] [options...]

  -h | --help         show this help
  -r | --show         read hardware clock and print result
       --set          set the rtc to the time given with --date
  -s | --hctosys      set the system time from the hardware clock
  -w | --systohc      set the hardware clock to the current system time
       --systz        set the system time based on the current timezone
       --adjust       adjust the rtc to account for systematic drift since
                      the clock was last set or adjusted
       --getepoch     print out the kernel's hardware clock epoch value
       --setepoch     set the kernel's hardware clock epoch value to the 
                      value given with --epoch
  -v | --version      print out the version of hwclock to stdout

  -u | --utc          the hardware clock is kept in UTC
       --localtime    the hardware clock is kept in local time
  -f | --rtc=path     special /dev/... file to use instead of default
       --directisa    access the ISA bus directly instead of /dev/rtc
       --badyear      ignore rtc's year because the bios is broken
       --date         specifies the time to which to set the hardware clock
       --epoch=year   specifies the year which is the beginning of the 
                      hardware clock's epoch value
       --noadjfile    do not access /etc/adjtime. Requires the use of
                      either --utc or --localtime
       --adjfile=path specifies the path to the adjust file (default is
       --test         do everything except actually updating the hardware
                      clock or anything else
  -D | --debug        debug mode