Gjenerojnë një fotografi PPD për një combo e dhënë printer / shofer

foomatic-ppdfile -A
foomatic-ppdfile -P <regexpr>
foomatic-ppdfile -p <printerid> [-d <driver>] [-w]
foomatic-ppdfile list
foomatic-ppdfile cat <CUPS PPD URI> [-w]
foomatic-ppdfile -h

 -A             : show all Printer ID's and compatible drivers
 -P <regexpr>   : show all Printer ID's whose names and model
                  matched by the RE.  For example:
                   -P HP will match all names with HP in them
 -p <printerid> : Printer ID
 -d <driver>    : Driver name
                  If the driver is not specified then the default driver 
                  for the <printerid> is used.
 list           : List all possible PPDs in the format needed by the
 cat <CUPS PPD URI> : Generate PPD file appropriate to the <CUPS PPD URI>.
                  Available CUPS PPD URIs are listed by 
                  "foomatic-ppdfile list".
 -w             : Generate PPD which is compatible with the CUPS PostScript
                  driver for Windows (GUI strings are limited to 39 
 -h             : show help information