shpejtë Bayesian filtër spam

   bogofilter version 1.2.2

Usage:  bogofilter [options] < message

help options:
  -h, --help                - print this help message.
  -V, --version             - print version information and exit.
  -Q, --query               - query (display) base bogofilter configuration.
  -QQ                       - display extended configuration info.
classification options:
  -p, --passthrough         - passthrough.
  -e, --ham-true            - in -p mode, exit with code 0 when the mail is not spam.
  -u, --update-as-scored    - score message as spam or non-spam and register accordingly.
  -M, --classify-mbox       - set mailbox mode.  Classify multiple messages in an mbox formatted file.
  -b, --classify-stdin      - set streaming bulk mode. Process multiple messages (files or directories) read from STDIN.
  -B, --classify-files=list - set bulk mode. Process multiple messages (files or directories) named on the command line.
  -R, --dataframe           - print an R data frame.
registration options:
  -s, --register-spam       - register message(s) as spam.
  -n, --register-ham        - register message(s) as non-spam.
  -S, --unregister-spam     - unregister message(s) from spam list.
  -N, --unregister-nonspam  - unregister message(s) from non-spam list.
general options:
  -c, --config-file=file    - read specified config file.
  -C, --no-config-file      - don't read standard config files.
  -d, --bogofilter-dir=path - specify directory for wordlists.
  -H, --no-header-tags      - disables header line tagging.
  -k, --db-cachesize=size   - set Berkeley DB cache size (MB).
  -l, --use-syslog          - write messages to syslog.
  -L, --syslog-tag=tag      - specify the tag value for log messages.
  -I, --input-file=file     - read message from 'file' instead of stdin.
  -O, --output-file=file    - save message to 'file' in passthrough mode.
parameter options:
  -mv1[,v2[,v3]]            - set user defined min_dev, robs, and robx values.
      --min-dev=v1, --robs=v2, --robx=v3
  -ov1[,v2]                 - set user defined spam and non-spam cutoff values.
      --spam-cutoff=v1, --ham-cutoff=v2
info options:
  -t, --terse               - set terse output mode.
  -T, --fixed-terse-format  - set invariant terse output mode.
  -q, --quiet               - suppress token statistics.
  -U, --report-unsure       - print statistics if spamicity is 'unsure'.
  -v, --verbosity           - set debug verbosity level.
  -y, --timestamp-date      - set date for token timestamps.
  -D, --debug-to-stdout     - direct debug output to stdout.
  -x, --debug-flags=list    - set flags to display debug information.
config file options:
  --option=value - can be used to set the value of a config file option.
                   see for more info.
  --block-on-subnets                return class addr tokens
  --bogofilter-dir                  directory for wordlists
  --charset-default                 default character set
  --db-cachesize                    Berkeley db cache in Mb
  --db-log-autoremove               enable/disable autoremoval of log files
  --db-transaction                  enable/disable transactions
  --ham-cutoff                      nonspam if score below this
  --header-format                   spam header format
  --log-header-format               header written to log
  --log-update-format               logged on update
  --min-dev                         ignore if score near
  --min-token-len                   min len for single tokens
  --max-token-len                   max len for single tokens
  --max-multi-token-len             max len for multi-word tokens
  --multi-token-count               number of tokens per multi-word token
  --ns-esf                          effective size factor for ham
  --replace-nonascii-characters     substitute '?' if bit 8 is 1
  --robs                            Robinson's s parameter
  --robx                            Robinson's x parameter
  --sp-esf                          effective size factor for spam
  --spam-cutoff                     spam if score above this
  --spam-header-name                passthrough adds/replaces
  --spam-subject-tag                passthrough prepends Subject
  --spamicity-formats               spamicity output format
  --spamicity-tags                  spamicity tag format
  --stats-in-header                 use header not body
  --terse                           report in short form
  --terse-format                    short form
  --thresh-update                   no update if near 0 or 1
  --timestamp                       enable/disable token timestamps
  --token-count                     fixed token count for scoring
  --token-count-min                 min token count for scoring
  --token-count-max                 max token count for scoring
  --unicode                         enable/disable unicode based wordlist
  --unsure-subject-tag              like spam-subject-tag
  --user-config-file                configuration file
  --wordlist                        specify wordlist parameters

bogofilter is a tool for classifying email as spam or non-spam.

For updates and additional information, see