파티션 조작 프로그램

   Usage: parted [OPTION]... [DEVICE [COMMAND [PARAMETERS]...]...]
Apply COMMANDs with PARAMETERS to DEVICE.  If no COMMAND(s) are given, run in
interactive mode.

  -h, --help                      displays this help message
  -l, --list                      lists partition layout on all block devices
  -m, --machine                   displays machine parseable output
  -s, --script                    never prompts for user intervention
  -v, --version                   displays the version
  -a, --align=[none|cyl|min|opt]  alignment for new partitions

  align-check TYPE N                        check partition N for TYPE(min|opt)
  check NUMBER                             do a simple check on the file system
  cp [FROM-DEVICE] FROM-NUMBER TO-NUMBER   copy file system to another partition
  help [COMMAND]                           print general help, or help on
  mklabel,mktable LABEL-TYPE               create a new disklabel (partition
  mkfs NUMBER FS-TYPE                      make a FS-TYPE file system on
        partition NUMBER
  mkpart PART-TYPE [FS-TYPE] START END     make a partition
  mkpartfs PART-TYPE FS-TYPE START END     make a partition with a file system
  move NUMBER START END                    move partition NUMBER
  name NUMBER NAME                         name partition NUMBER as NAME
  print [devices|free|list,all|NUMBER]     display the partition table,
        available devices, free space, all found partitions, or a particular
  quit                                     exit program
  rescue START END                         rescue a lost partition near START
        and END
  resize NUMBER START END                  resize partition NUMBER and its file
  rm NUMBER                                delete partition NUMBER
  select DEVICE                            choose the device to edit
  set NUMBER FLAG STATE                    change the FLAG on partition NUMBER
  toggle [NUMBER [FLAG]]                   toggle the state of FLAG on partition
  unit UNIT                                set the default unit to UNIT
  version                                  display the version number and
        copyright information of GNU Parted

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