효율적으로 복제, 이미지 복원하거나 NTFS를 구출

   ntfsclone v2.0.0 (libntfs 10:0:0)

Usage: ntfsclone [OPTIONS] SOURCE
    Efficiently clone NTFS to a sparse file, image, device or standard output.

    -o, --output FILE      Clone NTFS to the non-existent FILE
    -O, --overwrite FILE   Clone NTFS to FILE, overwriting if exists
    -s, --save-image       Save to the special image format
    -r, --restore-image    Restore from the special image format
        --rescue           Continue after disk read errors
    -m, --metadata         Clone *only* metadata (for NTFS experts)
        --ignore-fs-check  Ignore the filesystem check result
    -f, --force            Force to progress (DANGEROUS)
    -h, --help             Display this help

    If FILE is '-' then send the image to the standard output. If SOURCE is '-'
    and --restore-image is used then read the image from the standard input.

Developers' email address: linux-ntfs-dev@lists.sf.net
Linux NTFS homepage: http://www.linux-ntfs.org