ಡಂಪ್, ಭಾರ, ಮತ್ತು bogofilter ಡೇಟಾಬೇಸ್ ಫೈಲ್ಗಳನ್ನು ನಿರ್ವಹಿಸುತ್ತದೆ

   Usage: bogoutil {-h|-V}
   or: bogoutil [OPTIONS] {-d|-l|-u|-m|-w|-p|--db-verify} file.db
   or: bogoutil [OPTIONS] {-H|-r|-R} file
   or: bogoutil [OPTIONS] {--db-print-leafpage-count} file.db
   or: bogoutil [OPTIONS] {--db-print-pagesize} file.db
   or: bogoutil [OPTIONS] {--db-checkpoint} directory
   or: bogoutil [OPTIONS] {--db-list-logfiles} directory [list options]
   or: bogoutil [OPTIONS] {--db-prune|--db-remove-environment} directory
   or: bogoutil [OPTIONS] {--db-recover|--db-recover-harder} directory

  -C, --no-config-file        - don't read standard config files.
  -D, --debug-to-stdout       - direct debug output to stdout.
  -k, --db-cachesize=size     - set Berkeley DB cache size (MB).
  -v, --verbosity             - set debug verbosity level.
  -x, --debug-flags=list      - set flags to display debug information.
  -y, --timestamp-date=date   - set default date (format YYYYMMDD).

Modes of operation are:
  -h, --help                  - print this help message and exit.
  -V, --version               - print version information and exit.

  -d, --dump=file             - dump data from file to stdout.
  -l, --load=file             - load data from stdin into file.
  -u, --upgrade=file          - upgrade wordlist version.

info options:
  -w file                     - display counts for words from stdin.
  -p file                     - display word counts and probabilities.
  -I, --input-file=file       - read 'file' instead of standard input.
  -H file                     - display histogram and statistics for wordlist.
                                - use with -v  to exclude hapaxes.
                                - use with -vv to exclude pure spam/ham.
  -r file                     - compute Robinson's X for the specified file.
  -R file                     - compute Robinson's X and save it in wordlist.

database maintenance, the "-m file" option is required in this group:
  -m file                     - enable maintenance works (expiring tokens).
  -n                          - replace non-ascii characters with '?'.
  -a age                      - exclude tokens with older ages.
  -c cnt                      - exclude tokens with lower counts.
  -s l,h                      - exclude tokens with lengths between 'l' and 'h'
                                (low and high).
  --unicode=yes/no            - convert wordlist to/from unicode

token parsing options:
  --min-token-len             - min len for single tokens
  --max-token-len             - max len for single tokens
  --max-multi-token-len       - max len for multi-word tokens
  --multi-token-count         - number of tokens per multi-word token

environment maintenance:
      --db-transaction=BOOL   - enable or disable transactions
                                (only effective at creation time)
      --db-verify=file        - verify data file.
      --db-checkpoint=dir     - flush buffer cache and checkpoint database
      --db-list-logfiles=dir [FLAGS]
                              - list logfiles in environment
      --db-prune=dir          - remove inactive log files in dir.
      --db-recover=dir        - run recovery on database in dir.
      --db-recover-harder=dir - run catastrophic recovery on database.
      --db-remove-environment - remove environment.
      --db-lk-max-locks       - set max lock count.
      --db-lk-max-objects     - set max object count.
      --db-log-autoremove     - set autoremoving of logs.

bogoutil (version 1.2.2) is part of the bogofilter package.