ಪ್ರಸ್ತುತ ಆವೃತ್ತಿ ದುರಂತದ bogofilter ಡೇಟಾಬೇಸ್

     bogoupgrade [options] -d <bogofilter directory>
     bogoupgrade [options] -i <input text file> -o <output db file>
     bogoupgrade {-h|--help}

            -b <path to bogoutil>

    -d <directory>
            Name of directory containing database files. Old files will be
            read and new files will be written.

    -i <input file>
            Text file containing message count, and possibly wordlist data
            records. If the file only contains a message count but no word
            list records, there must be a database file, in the same
            directory as the text file, which contains the word list data.

    -o <output file>
            Output database file. Use the appropriate file extension for
            your version of bogofilter, i.e. '.db' for Berkeley DB and
            SQLite3, or '.qdbm' for QDBM.

    -b <path to bogoutil program>
            Defaults to 'bogoutil', in the hopes that your shell will find

    -h | --help
            Print the help - you are currently reading it.