Usage: smbget [OPTION...]
  -a, --guest                 Work as user guest
  -e, --encrypt               Encrypt SMB transport (UNIX extended servers
  -r, --resume                Automatically resume aborted files
  -U, --update                Download only when remote file is newer than
                              local file or local file is missing
  -R, --recursive             Recursively download files
  -u, --username=STRING       Username to use
  -p, --password=STRING       Password to use
  -w, --workgroup=STRING      Workgroup to use (optional)
  -n, --nonprompt             Don't ask anything (non-interactive)
  -d, --debuglevel=INT        Debuglevel to use
  -o, --outputfile=STRING     Write downloaded data to specified file
  -O, --stdout                Write data to stdout
  -D, --dots                  Show dots as progress indication
  -q, --quiet                 Be quiet
  -v, --verbose               Be verbose
  -P, --keep-permissions      Keep permissions
  -b, --blocksize=INT         Change number of bytes in a block
  -f, --rcfile=STRING         Use specified rc file

Help options:
  -?, --help                  Show this help message
      --usage                 Display brief usage message